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Major Innovations at Concord

Beacon Major LED SpotlightConcord is expanding its award-winning Beacon range by adding the state-of-the-art Beacon Major mains voltage LED spotlight to its family.

The new spotlight offers an impressive fixture lumen output of up to 1551lm and, by running directly from the mains, does not require separate LED driver to operate. This innovation saves on installation time and cost compared to halogen or metal halide.

The luminaire consists of a housing, arm attachment and track adaptor; there is no need for control gear or gear housing. Without the hindrance of an external drive, the Beacon Major has a direct connection to mains voltage of 200-240V making the installation process smoother and easier. With 50,000 hours of life, the new luminaire is available in either a 27W and 3000K version or a 26W and 4000K version. Specifiers can also choose from a flood or spot version with a 36˚ or 18˚ beam angle respectively.

The new Beacon Major LED spotlight allows high performance, energy-saving LEDs to be used in a far greater number of applications and gives more customers the opportunity to reap the benefits of LED technology. The Beacon Major can replace existing mains halogen fittings and reduces the compatibility risk of retrofitting LED as previously, in certain combinations, LED retrofit lamps and drivers were not compatible.

“The Beacon family is the flagship range within Concord and Beacon Major, with its direct mains supply, adds a new dimension,” comments Fay Berry, SBU Manager for Concord at Havells-Sylvania. “The luminaire is both stylish and functional making it an appealing proposition to specifiers. With its ability to run from mains power we have solved two key considerations when installing LED spotlights – there are no compatibility issues and it makes installation an easy process.”

Combining a compact size with simple efficiency, cost effectiveness and a CRI figure of 80+, the Concord Beacon Major is the perfect solution for shop lighting environments and display areas. The luminaire can be surface mounted or work in unison on a L1 or L3 track with other models in the Beacon family to create the perfect lighting solution. It comes in white and black colour to match other models within the Beacon range and the spot version integrates Frensel lens technology.

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