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Tridonic Opens London Demonstration Suite To Meet The Needs Of City Based Consultants And End Users

business design centreTridonic, a leader in the provision of LED drivers, has opened a demonstration suite in the Business Design Centre, Islington.

The facility will enable Tridonic to meet the many end users and consultants located in central London who would otherwise need to travel to the company’s UK headquarters in Basingstoke. Over the past year Tridonic has been leading the thinking around light as the backbone of the Internet of Things, (IoT), and how this approach is going to impact on both the design and use of buildings in the future.

Simon Blazey, solution sales manager for Tridonic, said; “Ensuring that end users, specifiers and senior FM personnel are aware of and understand the full potential of the Internet of Light is going to be key. The buildings that are being designed now will be appearing across our towns and cities over the next decade. They need to be designed to allow for future technologies that will make the building more efficient as well as providing the optimum living and working conditions for occupants.”

Tridonic’s OEMs will also be able to use the room, which seats up to a dozen people, for their own meetings and presentations. Any such organisation interested in booking the room should contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who manages the bookings. A full fit out is currently under way and when completed will allow Tridonic to demonstrate both its net4more solution and its POE and wireless Internet of Light offering.


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