TRILUX Lighting Has A Positive Impact On Staff At National Farmers Union Headquarters

TRILUX NFUImproved office atmosphere, working conditions and carbon foot print
The National Farmers Union (NFU) headquarters at The Agriculture House at the Stoneleigh Park recently underwent a refurbishment program with the aim of providing a better working environment for all office users, the lighting played a fundamental role in this challenge.

TRILUX Lighting was selected to meet this challenge. A major part of the project consisted of designing, prototyping and installing replacement LED lighting cassettes within existing chilled beam ceiling units with both emergency lighting and controls. LED was chosen to replace all existing fluorescent and compact fluorescent luminaires throughout the building and Live Link controls were utilised, particularly in the boardrooms for flexible meeting configurations.  

In addition to the customised refurbishment, a variety of products from the TRILUX portfolio including Polaron IQ, Siella, Arimo Slim, Ambiella, Luceo, 74 Q and Lateralo Ring were used to create a distinctive light signature in reception areas, open plan offices and meeting rooms.

By switching to LED lighting NFU not only improved their office atmosphere and working conditions but also reduce their energy usage and carbon foot print.

nfu officesChristopher Jones, Managing Director of Border Consultancy Chartered Surveyors, describes, “We chose to work with TRILUX, because they offer the best product on the market and the staff and service are excellent. The finished product was complemented by the lighting design, supporting products and installation. We were pleasantly surprised by the change from warm light to cool, whilst it took a while to get used to, it has proved to be a revelation to staff, having a real positive impact on well-being.”

Richard Simpson, Director, Planned Office Interiors, adds, “We have worked with TRILUX products on many projects in the past and have found their quality to be second to none. In this case the NFU building particularly lends itself to the TRILUX style and quality and the outcome is very pleasing.”


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