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Venture Lighting Europe Releases VHID Buyer’s Guide

Venture Lighting VHID buyers guideVenture Lighting Europe has just published a Buyer’s Guide for its range of VHID lamp selection which can be downloaded from the company’s website,

Although Venture is now successfully established in the LED fixtures market, the company remains one of the key manufacturers of HID lamps in the world and continues to produce high efficiency products for the market.

The 15 page brochure presents Venture’s range of top selling VHID products, including a variety of HPS replacement solutions, euro metal halide, ceramic and dual metal halide lamps as well as various PulsesStart, Ecowatt and high output high efficiency lamps, utilising Venture’s established innovative Uni-Form arc technology. The guide presents the various alternatives available for each lamp with products ranging from 20W through to 2000W suitable for a wide selection of requirements.

The company also offers a selection of energy saving conversion kits, Ventronic ballasts and control gear, which can also all be found in the guide.

Venture’s HID Ventronic ballasts can help users determine the light levels required at any given time and can help to save money by making use of the ambient light available. The Ventronic ultimately enhances the life of a lamp, especially when it is combined with a PIR sensor for daylight harvesting.

Further information on Venture’s VHID solutions is available from the company on 01923-692600, by emailing: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by visiting the company’s website at

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