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Xicato: Independent research using Xicato Spot Modules shows a link between light quality and the attraction of retail displays.

Encelium Technologies White Paper
Optimum Lighting Energy Savings with Addressable Dimming Controls

Buildings consume more than one-third of the total primary energy used in the U.S. About two-thirds of a building's primary energy use is attributed to electricity. On average, lighting accounts for 30% of energy use in office buildings, and thus often dominates the opportunity for energy savings among all electrical systems. According to studies by Pacific Gas and Electric Company's lighting team, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, advanced lighting controls in conjunction with various energy management strategies can typically yield a combined lighting energy savings of 40 - 80% in office buildings.

The objective of this white paper is to substantiate and quantify the potential energy savings that can be realized through the use of addressable (digital) dimming lighting controls as opposed to conventional analog controls.

Lutron White paper on Controlling LEDs

Lighting The Way To Greener Retail White Paper
A research paper on digital lighting by Nualight

Philips Lumileds white paper provides the lighting industry with a methodology for evaluating how arrays of LEDs behave over time and how LED luminaire manufacturers can confidently make business decisions such as warranty commitments.

Futronix HX Dimmer white paper

Accelerating the deployment of innovative lighting technologies
COM 889

Connectors and Solid‐State Lighting
Our concern here is with connector technology and the ways it can help (or hinder) making lighting more affordable and easier to apply and use. Connectors remain a critical part, but have too often been left to the end of the development cycle. This lack of foresight can result in fewer choices and higher costs (including cost of materials, cost of assembly, and cost of upkeep). Integrating connector selection into early design phases opens options, gives more choice, and often lowers costs.

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