Wieland’s Award Winning gesis NRG – A Popular Choice for Easy Connection

Wieland gesis NRG DesignPlusWieland Electric’s award winning gesis NRG flat cable system is ideal for installing power distribution and lighting control in a variety of applications.

Combining the advantages of busbar with the benefits of flexible cables, the popular flat cable system has recently been awarded the IF Design Award 2016 at this year’s Light + Build exhibition, in Frankfurt. The independent judges stated that the gesis NRG system met all requirements due to its functionality with simple mounting and handling. The system also allows for the important issue of future proofing as the components are reusable so changes to design layout and extensions can be easily adopted. Furthermore, gesis NRG requires less installation space than other systems, so that fewer constraints are placed on the positioning and configuration of other elements.

The gesis NRG flexible busbar enables fast and easy installation with all components delivered pre-assembled to site. There is no need to specify where the tap-offs should be placed until it is installed on site. To provide a tap-off, at any point along its length, the flat cable is simply inserted into the tap-off adapter base plate, the adapter housing is closed, the contact screws are tightened and the cover is closed. The cover can only be closed if all of the screws have been fully inserted, as an additional level of risk management, while the flat cable ensures easy routing around corners. Consequently, the system facilitates fast-track fit-outs reducing material costs when compared with traditional busbar systems, shortening programme delivery times and minimising the costs of onsite labour. 

Wieland’s gesis NRG range offers three variations of flat cable; PVC with a cross-section of 5 x 2.5 mm² and halogen-free with 5 x 2.5 and 5 x 4 mm², each has a variant for power (3-phase) and power + dimming (1-phase plus dimming signal). The outer geometry of the cables is identical, so that all components fit both cable cross-sections.

Thanks to all of these features, gesis NRG has proved to be particularly popular and the latest generation delivers added value on many more levels.


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