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Plug Into Convenient Lighting Installation With Eaton

Eaton LSC RangeFast, easy installation and enhanced safety are among the key benefits of the Luminaire Supporting Coupler (LSC) plug-in lighting system from Eaton.

Fully compliant with BS7001, couplers in the LSC range are recognised as the industry standard interface and, for maximum convenience and flexibility, they are fully interchangeable with other manufacturers’ products that meet this standard.

All products in the range are available in three-pin versions for standard lighting power applications, and four-pin versions for use where an additional live conductor, such as a maintained live for emergency lighting, is needed. Three pin plugs can be safely used in either three or four-pin outlets and, for ease of recognition; four-pin plugs normally have red covers.

Backplates in the LSC range are rated at 6 A and have been specifically designed for speedy convenient installation. Complete with retained mounting screws to help prevent them dropping out during installation, they incorporate large terminals which can accept up to two 4 mm2 cables and which are supplied fully open, ready for immediate cable insertion. The terminals are arranged for rear entry to ensure ease of wiring, and they feature large, clear markings that remain readily legible even in poor lighting conditions

The plugs in the range are available in a wide selection of pre-wired versions, fitted with either heat-resistant PVC or low smoke and fume LSF cables in a choice of standard lengths up to 5 m. The LSC couplers will support loads of up to 5 kg. The plugs are also available without cables fitted in re-wireable versions, which feature snap-on quick-release covers.

To simplify ordering and stocking, products in the LSC range can be supplied as complete ceiling assemblies, with or without cables, under a single part number. Each assembly comprises a backplate, a plug or a pre-wired plug and a cover that fits over the whole installation to give a neat, attractive appearance. Alternatively, all items can be ordered separately.

Eaton LDU multi-outlet boxesAlso available in the LSC range are LDU multi-outlet boxes with 6, 8, 10 or 12 sockets that accept standard LSC plugs. Designed to provide a convenient lighting power interface, these boxes allow multiple luminaires to be individually plugged in and unplugged, which means that work can safely be carried out on a specific luminaire or luminaires without the need to isolate the whole lighting circuit. LDU multi-outlet boxes are compatible with both three- and four-pin applications and will accept either connector.

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