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MK Provides Profit Opportunities with Super-chic Elements Collection

Elements wiring accessoryAimed at the premium residential, hotel and specification market, the new MK Elements Collection of wiring accessories – including electronic touch control dimmers and switches alongside a comprehensive range of mechanical devices – offers contractors a superb opportunity to add value and profit by delivering either eclectic or bespoke design-led products to their clients.

The culmination of years of research and significant investment, the MK Elements Collection possesses both the technology and aesthetic to appeal to ‘early adopters’ seeking the latest in electronic wizardry and the style conscious demanding the utmost in chic.

Each of the target environments allows the contractor to use the range to ‘upsell’; providing an upmarket product that not only gives them a competitive advantage, but also rewards with increased margins.

The MK Elements Collection includes touch technology which is both silent and innovative. Familiar to anyone with a smartphone or tablet, it offers an intuitive interface that is easy to use and is an obvious advance on conventional switching. End users can simply ‘swipe’ a dimmer to instantly transform the mood of a room at a touch.

At launch, the range comprises socket outlets, plate switches, grid modules and front plates for Euro modular applications. Switches are available as electronic touch or mechanically operated items, depending on type.

Four different material groups – Glass Effect, Metallics, Synthetics (a range of stone effects), and Naturals, such as leather and wood effects – are presented in 16 different finishes across more than 180 different devices so that contractors can easily match any desired design, from the boutique hotel to the oligarch’s palace.

The four material groups in the range are:

Elements Synthetics takes its cues from the natural landscape and offers finishes such as Chalk White, Beach Pebble and Natural Stone. These subtle, contemporary finishes provide a discreet, harmonious complement to any setting.

Onyx Glass EffectElements Glass Effect finishes challenge all previous conceptions of what represents a switch, socket or dimmer. Sleek, glossy and smart; the innovative designs – which include touch technology among their appeal – offer refreshing coolness in Ice White and the pure touch of Polished Jade, Polished Onyx and Polished Stone.

Elements Metallics provide yet another example of MK’s innovative thinking. Muted tones and masculine textures deliver a sense of exclusivity in Satin Platinum and Satin Titanium; while Brushed Steel, Cast Iron and Brushed Bronze re-define the nature of practical and industrial in interiors.

Oak ElementsElements Naturals brings the familiar hues of wood to life in the graceful patterns of British Oak and Dark Wenge. The same organic influence is also expressed in Cream Hide and Dark Hide, which both share the same classic character.

If clients want a truly unique look, then MK also offers a bespoke design service that will produce devices finished in an unprecedented range of colours – such as RAL or Pantones; materials and finishes.

And ease of installation hasn’t been compromised by the high design and strong aesthetics – every device in The MK Elements Collection is as easy and fast to fit as any other from MK. Top-facing, angled, backed-out terminals with captive screws; standard-depth back boxes; removable front plates or quick release clips all add up to simple and quick installation.

Furthermore, uniform proportions of the frontplate and shroud allow for adjoining installation of products without the need for additional spacing, so effortlessly meeting even the most exacting of customers requirements. Tool-free fitting of the final frontplate completes the installation without risk of damage during final fix.  

“Contemporary interiors call for every component to contribute to the overall aesthetic,” says Jason Ng, MK Electric Marketing Communications Specialist. “We felt that electrical accessories were overdue in playing their part in defining and enhancing the character of a room; and Elements brings a powerful ‘on trend’ momentum to modern spaces”.

The MK Elements Collection is the ultimate choice in stylish, chic electrical accessories. It takes the ordinary wiring device and successfully lifts it into series of inspirational products perfectly in tune with today’s high style and contemporary interior environments.

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